Account Disabled

Patrik Hall patrik.hall at
Wed Apr 25 13:32:05 GMT 2001

Sorry if this topic has been discussed earlier.

I have installed samba samba-2.2.0-20010417 on my RedHat 6.2, and I have
succeeded joining the domain with a Windows NT. I have also noted that swat
in the RPM file expects to find its home directory in /usr/share/samba/swat
but is however installed in /usr/share/swat. After moving the directory swat

However, now when I try to login to the domain, I constantly get "Your
account is disabled. See your sysadmin.". I have tried to play with
smbpasswd -d and smbpasswd -e after that but none of them helps. smbclient
//server/user -U user works fine, but I cannot login. Has anybody out there
experienced same kind of problem?

Patrik Hall.

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