Problems with 2.2 and Win2K

Paul Seymour seymourp at
Wed Apr 25 13:16:47 GMT 2001

I have a server running Redhat 7.0 and Samba 2.2, and I think i've setup the
smb.conf and everything else correctly to allow win2k machines to add their
computer accounts to the domain, but whenever I try to add a computer to
said domain, I get the following error from windows:

The account used is a computer account, use your global user account or
local user account to access this server.

Any ideas?  I can see the domain and server on the network neighborhood, and
can see the shares.  Also, can someone send me a quick rundown on setting up
a samba server for win2k machines to make sure i've done everything right
(i've seen several different how-to's, but nothing definitive).

Thanks in advance.


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