Printer Driver woes :(p

Augis ejs at
Wed Apr 25 06:59:25 GMT 2001

Patrick Goetz wrote:

> Here is the section from my smb.conf.  All of the printers show up as
> shares and also show up in the printers folder.  File system mounting and
> domain logins are working fine.
>      [print$]
>        path = /opt/samba/printers
>        read only = yes
>        browseable = yes
>        guest ok = no

try this setup:
         comment = Printer Drivers
         path = .........
         write list = root
         guest ok = Yes
         browseable = No

It worked for me for driver upload, but i had to use rpcclient to assign 
driver to printer. Changing it from NT side was impossible for some 
strange reasons.

>    "Unable to install HP Laserjet Series 8000 PS, Windows NT 4.0 or 2000
> Driver.  Access is denied."

It's true. Take a look at your setup.

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