Problem With Profiles

Brandon Caudle bcaudle at
Mon Apr 23 21:05:23 GMT 2001

I have a user Bill who logs on to his desktop which has the resoulution set 
to 800*600 his profile is stored on the server and when he goes and works on 
his laptop which has a native resolution of 1024*768 it messes him up and 
makes his resoultion reduce to 800*600
this is my current smb.conf

          coding system =
          client code page = 850
          workgroup = PME
          netbios name = SERVER
          netbios aliases = LINUX
          netbios scope =
          server string = Samba 2.0.7
          interfaces =
          bind interfaces only = No
          security = USER
          logon script = %U.bat
          logon path = \\server\%U\profile\%m
          logon drive = H:
          logon home = \\server\%U
          domain logons = Yes

this doesn't seem to work (i would like to keep him using the same login 
name not a different one)

thanks brandon
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