backup problem

Elliot Mackenzie s354199 at
Mon Apr 23 13:58:10 GMT 2001

Urgh I'm tired....  What I *meant* to say was add the username to smbpasswd
and make sure you've allowed that user/group in smb.conf.

Unfortunately I have also got a hunch that without pulling some strange
tricks, system services probably can't access user level (as opposed to
share level) network shares by any means (I suspect the username is not a
global username but rather a system and process specific one so that
processes cannot interfere with other processes).  I had a similar problem
running an ancient version of Norton System Centre like that - the best
solution I came up with was to not use smb, but rather to use ftp to
transfer the files (which was admittedly a better idea anyway).  I'm not
sure whether the same restriction applies to share level network shares, but
you might just sidestep the problem by ensuring your NT services run as a
specific user, and then add that user/group as required.


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>Just a hunch... NT services run as some kind of system user (not any
>username you probably have setup in smbpasswd), and thus samba as rejecting
>you as a non-authenticated user.  If this is the case, the solution is to
>find out what user this is (dig into your samba logs and this should tell
>you), and add it to smb.conf.
>Hope this helps,

Wow, thank you very, very much for speedy reply. I never thought I will get
help this fast.
Thank you so much for your suggestions and I will try that out tonight.
I will let you know how this turned out. Thanks!

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