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Tom Horan thos at
Mon Apr 23 13:26:35 GMT 2001

AT uses the Scheduler service. So the Scheduler service might only be
running as the SYSTEM account and so wouldnt have any domain permissions.
Change the Scheduler server to run as Administrator or as a Backup Operator
user. That should do the trick.


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Hi, everyone.

I have a problem backing up NT 4 client boxes with network shares. I am able
to backup freeBSD Samba shares using AT command on NT 4 box which has DLT
hooked up.
However, I was not able to perform backup using exactly same scheme with NT
4 client boxes network shares.
It says I don't have permission for ".", which means current directory.
However, all shares have full control for everybody with read and write.
Funny thing is, if I were to run Interactive mode of NTBACKUP, then all NT 4
responds just fine and I can back them up just fine.
I am baffled with this problem. I know this doesn't exactly looks like Samba
problem but I am wondering the problem is Samba related.
Has anyone by any chance had similar problem as I am. If you had, how did
you solved it. 
I would love to hear your insights on this matter. Thank you.

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