backup problem

Sang-Kil Suh (Sam) sam at
Mon Apr 23 13:26:28 GMT 2001

Hi, everyone.

I have a problem backing up NT 4 client boxes with network shares. I am able to backup freeBSD Samba shares using AT command on NT 4 box which has DLT hooked up.
However, I was not able to perform backup using exactly same scheme with NT 4 client boxes network shares.
It says I don't have permission for ".", which means current directory. However, all shares have full control for everybody with read and write.
Funny thing is, if I were to run Interactive mode of NTBACKUP, then all NT 4 responds just fine and I can back them up just fine.
I am baffled with this problem. I know this doesn't exactly looks like Samba problem but I am wondering the problem is Samba related.
Has anyone by any chance had similar problem as I am. If you had, how did you solved it. 
I would love to hear your insights on this matter. Thank you.

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