AW: NT domain problem

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Mon Apr 23 10:36:35 GMT 2001

> I can access the servers from my NT client by typing their fully qualified
> name but I cannot see the servers through the network neighborhood or by
> typing \\server_name from the run window....
> This was working in the past....

Hi Nikos!

Try using the "os level" option in the global section. Just start with a
value around 8 and go up until your clients are able to 'see' the servers:


  os level = 8

This option means how 'strong' a SMB Server should act on a network. So if
this value is set too low, other services run e.g. by clients will overlap
your samba service and you won't be able to see it from those clients.
I had the problem when stepping from Win98 to Win2k clients. Nothing was
changed on the server config but suddenly the machine was disappeared from
my network neighbourhood.
This is no guarantee that it works but it may help. Tell me of your

Greetings >>>> Philipp

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