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As indicated in some of the other comments, this is perhaps too fundamental for this section.  I haven't learned just where to go and what to ask yet, please redirect or advise as necessary.

I have loaded Red Hat Linux Version 7.0 and it runs fine.  Now I am having a very difficult time trying to install Samba and bring it up on my NT Domain.  It is very frustrating to purchase this whole package with all the documentation and not find a consistent, straight forward, instruction on JUST INSTALLING and running Samba.  Now, before you say READ, I have a total of five reference books on Linux, plus downloads of all the docs from the Samba FTP site.  Many of the instructions refer to the inetd.conf  file which I cannot find in RED HAT 6.X OR 7.0.  Additionally, I cannot find other files such as HOSTNAME, HOSTS, etc.  And if I try to run SWAT, the system stalls.

Can you help a newbie?
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