CUPS + samba

David Levitan david at
Sun Apr 22 18:45:05 GMT 2001

I found a solution to my problem of CUPS + samba. If CUPS+samba is not
working, set debug level to 3 and see the logs. If when it execute lpr
-r -Pprinter smbprint.xx, an error code of 1 is generated, this could be
happening because cups will not detect that this is raw input and should
be sent directly to the printer. The way to fix this is to add the
following line to smb.conf:
print command = lpr -r -l -P%p %s

The -l tells cups to not filter the input. This led me to another idea
that may help anyone with driver problems. If you can get the printer to
work well on linux, you can just get a ps or pdf driver (available for
any platform), and print using that (without the -l flag). This should
work correctly.
David Levitan

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