downloading printer driver files and Samba2.2

Jean Francois Micouleau Jean-Francois.Micouleau at
Fri Apr 20 22:29:08 GMT 2001

On Fri, 20 Apr 2001, Patrick Goetz wrote:

> In my previous post, I was looking for a way to set up the [print$]
> drivers by hand from the linux side.  The Samba-HOWTO-Collection does
> provide some information on how to automatically set up the drivers for
> Samba using an NT4 client, so presumably a W2K client can do this, too.

W2k can do it if you install a NT4/W2K kernel mode printer driver as
opposed as a native W2K user space printer driver. It's a current missing
feature of samba.

> For lack of anything else to try, I thought I would give this a shot, but
> there is an immediate logistic concern.  According to the
> Samba-HOWTO-Collection, 
> The [print$] share should be set up with the following sub-directories:
>      [print$]
>            |-W32X86                ; "Windows NT x86"
>            |-WIN40                 ; "Windows 95/98"
>            |-W32ALPHA              ; "Windows NT Alpha_AXP"
>            |-W32MIPS               ; "Windows NT R4000"
>            |-W32PPC                ; "Windows NT PowerPC"
> hookay, what about for W2K? 

W2K stores the drivers under the W32X86.

 Also, is there anything magical about these
> names, 

yep, there are hard coded like in NT.

and finally, if I use W2K to set up the printer drivers on the
> Samba server, will this also take care of the W98/ME machines?

That won't automatically take care of 95/98/ME. You will have to upload
the 95/98 driver. You can do that from your W2K machine.

 Speaking of
> Win ME, does this use the same directory as W95/98?

yep. Win ME is W98 with more drivers :-) 


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