make_printerdef & automatically setting up printer drivers

Cornelio Bondad corny at
Fri Apr 20 22:13:50 GMT 2001

Click on

and download the version of printer_driver2.txt.

This should be a good starting point

Patrick Goetz wrote:

> Greetings, Sambists.
> I'm in the home stretch (I hope) of achieving Samba 2.2 PDC happiness with
> W2K clients.  Last, but by far not least I'm trying to set it up so that
> the clients can automatically set up printer drivers and printers.
> Quoted from the Samba-HOWTO-Collection:
> "The additional functionality provided by the new SPOOLSS support
> includes:
> Support for downloading printer driver files to Windows 95/98/NT/2000
> clients upon demand."
> Does anyone know how to go about setting this up or where this might be
> documented?  There doesn't seem to be anything in the
> Samba-HOWTO-Collection or the samba/docs/textdocs directories, and the
> instructions given in "Using Samba" by Eckstein, et. al. are both woefully
> out of date and incorrect.
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