samba 2.2, How to add users to the group?

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Fri Apr 20 15:02:22 GMT 2001

Hi list!

I can't add user to a group.
i'am using samba 2.2 acting as a pdc and a PC WinNT

I added this row to /etc/group to include 2 user to
the 'office' group:


But after george logs onto the pdc and type 'net user
george /domain' in the Dos Prompt, he can see himself
only into the 'Domain Users' group.

The samba log file of the client says:

"make_dom_gids: unknown well-known alias RID

I'll attach the relevant portions of my smb.conf file.

   workgroup = SAMBAGROUP 
   server string = Samba %v on (%L)
   os level = 34
   local master = yes
   preferred master = yes
   domain master = yes
   domain logons = yes
   admin users = root
   domain admin group = @adm
   guest account = guestpc
   encrypt passwords = yes
   security = domain
   netbios aliases = CICCIOMACHINE
   include = /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf.%L
   debug level = 3
   log file = /usr/local/samba/logs/log.%m
   max log size = 100
   debug timestamp = yes
   logon script = palogon.exe
   logon path = \\%N\homeuser

   comment = Home Directories
   browseable = no
   read only = no
   create mode = 0750

I tried to use the following option too: 

domain group map =

but "testparm" answer with:

'Unknown parameter encountered: "domain group map"'

And what about next option:

 "domain groups = office" ?


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