samba-ntdom needed any more? (fwd)

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Thu Apr 19 21:42:34 GMT 2001

This is a very good set of points you have made.  Fortunately the decision
is not up to me.  I was just putting in my opinion.  However, who is to say
that, just because the list is moderated, those people with problems other
than NT Domain stuffs would at least get pointed in the right direction if
they mistakenly sent their random samba problems to this list...

Perhaps if, upon moderator refusal to allow a message to be posted, an
automatic "general help" message were sent indicating other samba lists and
web pages to look at for help, having a moderated samba-ntdom list would be
a very efficient idea...


note to ctooley at I assumed you wanted this posted to the list and
only accidentally mailed it to me directly.  If not, sorry.

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> There are three reasons I don't like the idea of a moderated list,
> 1)   Moderators enter subjectivity to a situation, and while there have
> previous flame wars here, things are usually better off when everyone gets
> give their input.  I like the fact that I got to report problems and I got
> answers directly from the people working on the code.  It may be annoying
> times, but we may never get to see the day when Samba becomes a non-issue
> without that kind of interaction.
> 2)    A moderator adds another step to the process (unless you could find
> automated moderator) that takes even more time to get the question
> How many times do we see the subject of "URGENT PROBLEM" on this list, it
> not be urgent to you, but to the admin whose butt is on the line it sure
> 3)   I'd rather help someone with a problem that's slightly off topic and
> them the power of community based support than tell them to go somewhere
> and have them give up entirely.  Sure maybe these questions should be
asked in a
> different forum but that can be noted at the end of an answer and not be
> only reply someone gets.
> Chris Tooley
> That sounds like a very good idea to me.  Keeping the list on-topic would
> very helpful.
> Stokes
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> > () One option no one has mentioned to make it a moderated list.  Of
> > () then you need a moderator, but that is besides the point :-)  How
> > () people feel about this?
> >
> > That's an easy one: a moderator would keep off-topic traffic
> > away.  So people interested in Samba for NT domains would like
> > it, and people looking for knowledgeable people who can solve
> > their printing, unsubscription, or whatever problems would
> > dislike it.
> >
> >     Ciao, Lobo
> >
> >
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