Multiple samba server egarding

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Thu Apr 19 14:33:55 GMT 2001

On Sat Apr 14 2001 at 04:29, "santhosh" wrote:

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Please don't pollute email lists with this rubbish.

> I have already setup a samba pdc . I have lready instllaed another linux =
> machine in whic samba is installed. I would like to add the second =
> machine as a part of samba pdc machine.
> My aim is to  share a folder  (read & write)to all users who are logging =
> to samba pdc.
> How can I achieve this?
> Santhosh kumar.S
> lecturer
> E&C Dept

samba cannot (yet) act as a full PDC or a BDC.

samba does an excellent job of local domain master, often that is
all that is needed in a network.

You cannot (yet) have more than one samba box on a network in the
capacity of ldm/pdc/bdc.

Get one of them to act as the logon/wins server and ldm, with the
others configured as clients (with settings like "wins server =",
"logon server =", "remote announce =", and so on).  Make sure
windows logon names can be resolved to local unix and smbpasswd
users on each (via local accounts or smbuser entries).

Then away you go... it works just fine.  I have exactly this sort of
arrangement around me right now - one linux box is the main logon
and wins server, the others (several) are all configured as NT
clients.  I have full netbios access to them all, from everywhere on
the LAN.


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