FW: samba-ntdom needed any more?

James Nord teilo at cdt.luth.se
Thu Apr 19 08:19:19 GMT 2001

Gerald Carter wrote:

> On Thu, 19 Apr 2001 00:24:09 Elliot Mackenzie wrote:
>> The NT domain feature is a very important (still relatively new)
>> feature that a lot of people (including myself) have at one 
>> stage experienced problems with.  The fact that we get up 
>> to 30 emails a day through this mailing list seems to 
>> suggest that there are sufficient people who use this
>> list to make it worthwhile.  I would personally find it 
>> more irritating having to double or triple my mail traffic 
>> each day just to receive the same emails I do currently (I am 
>> not a part of samba-main).
> I don;t think anyone is implying that the Domain feature 
> is not important.  I just don't want to be answering identical
> questions on Samba and samba-ntdom. 

Then what about subscribing samba at samba.org to samba-ntdom for a 
transitional period.

- Okay this could end up with some people getting 2 of the same emails 
but as we are talking Samba/Unix'ish I'm guessing that most people have 
the abiltiy to do some mailbox filtering to get rid of the duplicates.

In my view this

> This list should be for testing new features in Samba related to
> NT domains.  Samba-techical should remain for coordinating 
> development.

I would agree with that and it is how I have actually seen it in the past.

just my 2cents

Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet.
	Douglas Adams

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