Samba 2.0.7 to 2.2.0 upgrade issues

Samuel Greenfeld gree3776 at
Wed Apr 18 21:59:45 GMT 2001

1. I noticed that usernames returned by samba 2.2.0 for spawning helpers (in my case "root preexec" and "root postexec") are no longer forced to lower case.  In particular, I noticed that when someone uses a Win9x client to access the server, the username is given in upper case (i.e. USER123), while WinNT machines result in usernames given in lower case (user123).   While my scripts are written to be case insensitive in the first place, case sensitive scripts might run into some problems with this behavior.

2. The issue I mentioned a week or so ago about "force user" in a printer share definition only forcing said user for the printing command only.   Pausing the queue, removing the job, etc. still is done as the uid of the user, not the forced declaration.   

   The bug mentioned where temp files were sticking is indeed fixed.

3. Speaking of temporary files (given the recent 2.0.8/2.2.0 announcement), I noticed that samba 2.2.0 creates temporary files for print jobs sequentially numbered.   In 2.0.7, said files were seemingly randomly generated to an extent.   While I am not the best C programmer out there (and I *am* admitting the samba team knows more about this than I do) this seems to be a possible sanity issue.

4. (A 2.0.7 issue, don't know about 2.2.0 yet)   If you have log files generated with filenames containing the relevant machine's name, and said machine name contains a space (acceptable under Win9x), the log file generated contains a space in its name.   

Not a big deal, although it screws up Red Hat's logrotate system if you try globbing the directory for rotation (it handles the space in the machine name improperly since it uses a text database of rotation information).

Test case in point: "log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m-" (the dash being there so rotation can be done globbing all the machine names).   A mechanism like the old one for generating print file names might be in order.

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