Stupid question about update from 2.0.7 to 2.2.0

John Humphrey txkjohn at
Wed Apr 18 18:03:04 GMT 2001

Like the subject line states, this is probably a stupid question but ....

Is there a 'recipe' regarding an update between Samba releases. I was 
running 2.0.7 and decided to update to the new 2.2.0 for added NT, Win2K 
support. However, after extracting the tar file into the /usr/src/samba 
directory and then running './configure' and finally 'make', nothing 
happened (besides the long compiling output). Now, when I run smbd -V it 
still returns a version 2.0.7

As you can tell, I'm a newbie. Feel free to berate me, but if you could 
include some helpful advise along with any derisions, I would be much 
appreciative. I'll list below some pertinent facts.

samba 2.0.7 directory = /etc/samba
new 2.2.0 directory = ???

John Humphrey
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