How to have administrator rights

Dan Horth d.horth at
Wed Apr 18 08:24:23 GMT 2001

Hi - kind of experienced with SAMBA - but a Win NT newbie, I've just 
set up our samba server to be domain logon server for a bunch of Win 
NT 4 and Win 98 workstations.

I was wondering whether I should be able to log in as administrator 
using the domain logon and have administrator privileges on the 

I have the following in my [global] section of smb.conf

username map = /etc/samba/


/etc/samba/ looks like this:

admin = Administrator
dan = Administrator

does this mean that I should be able to log in to a workstation as 
either admin or dan and have Administrator rights on it? That's the 
impression I got from the smb.conf man page and my SAMBA QUE book...

if I'm off track here can someone enlighten me as to how to get the 
SAMBA domain logon server to tell the NT workstation logging in that 
I should have full administrator rights?

TIA - dan.
Manager, Technical Systems
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