Setting up a Samba 2.2 Print Server.

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Tue Apr 17 17:04:22 GMT 2001

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001 08:27:04 Marc Harding wrote:
> The problems occured from a Windows 2000 machine, which 
> is the same machine from which I tested this on my home 
> machine.  The biggest problem I am facing right now is 
> that I can not even browse to a printer share and
> just install the driver manually to a windows 2000 machine.  

Hmm....I need to work out a few things in my head and
update the Printing HOWTO I think.  Let me remind myself
of all the necessary steps and get back to you.

> That is when I receive the message saying that is it the 
> wrong driver or OS.  This is the same case for PCL and PS, 
> and the same for two different printers.
> Another thing I noticed last time I tried starting clean, 
> is that in the printer properties, there was no port defined, 

This is very strange.  Samba should always report the default
"Samba Printer Port" at a minimum.  Can you send me a level 
10 debug log for the smbd process associated with the installation
attempt.  Make sure that 'debug timestamps = no"

> however on my test server I could see a port.
> I hope this information is useful.

Cheers, jerry
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