How to allow a W2K machine join a domain with Samba 2.2alpha3 PDC

Elliot Mackenzie s354199 at
Tue Apr 17 13:41:13 GMT 2001

You probably wanted to send this to the samba-ntdom newsgroup rather than to
me directly, but here is my answer anyway.

If you are having problems with the machine accounts, you may have to
recreate the machine accounts - you should not have to reset people's
passwords or muck with other accounts in any way.  I then suggest that you
go through and follow the steps in the PDC HOWTO a little more closely
regarding the creation of machine accounts.

However, with 400 users you probably have 300 machines and deleting 300
machine accounts would really be a pain in the a** :)  My suggestion is that
you first ensure that this *really is* your problem.  I'll be honest, it
probably isn't - most people generally have problems because they stuff up
somewhere else in the config, or because they still have stray old versions
of samba running around.  If you are *sure* that your config is 100%, then I
strongly suggest that you try that config on an isolated samba server and
win2k client before mucking around with something that is likely to upset
400 people very quickly.

Before replying to this ng, I also suggest you include the following
- the *precise* error you are getting on the windows machine, and WHEN it
happens (when you join the domain or when you log on for eg)
- your smb.conf - or at least the interesting or weird bits of it
- your smb/nmb log entries during the relevant transaction.

Before making any rash decisions see what other people have to say about
this in the ng because as it stands my experience with samba is still very
limited compared to some of the gurus in here.


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Elliot Mackenzie wrote:

> The problems I was having when I was trying to set up alpha 3 for the
> time were because of a corrupt smbpasswd file - I started from scratch,
> added user root, and all was well :)

I also have problems with machine accounts... Does anybody have an idea
this "corrupt smbpasswd" really means? I have about 400 users with their
encrypted passwords, and I can't start a new database... ;-)

CU, Lars.

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