Account Database replication

John Humphrey txkjohn at
Mon Apr 16 18:25:44 GMT 2001

First of all... I'm very greatful for all the applicable info posted to this 
mailing list.

Now to my quesiton. We've just begun to implement samba in our network. We 
have multiple locations connected via frame relay. I want to run only one 
'domain'. I've configured my samba 2.0.7 as a PDC and it works great. I have 
one problem... Our frame relay circuits go down about once a month... If the 
other samba servers cannot communicate with the samba PDC, how will the 
users on the 'wrong' side of the broken link authenticate?  In other words, 
can samba 2.0.7 be a BDC? If not, is there any other way to 'trick' samba 
into replicating its user account database with each of the remote samba 

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