Samba as member server in Win2k domain

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Hi Dan,
Yes, Samba can be a member server in a win2k native domain.  "Native" as
opposed to "Mixed Mode" essentially means that the W2k DC's will no longer
share user database information with 'downlevel' DC's, ie NT 4.0 bdcs.
Member servers do not avail themselves of sam database updates from the pdc
anyway, so this does not affect Samba.  You just have to make sure that
ntlm1 authentication has NOT been disabled, and accessing the machine
accounts has not been disabled for "pre- win2k machines" .

Hope this helps.

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Martin Radford wrote:

> > for their authentication.  Unfortunately, the Win2000 domain
> > is running Active Directory, not "legacy" WinNT mode.
> All Windows 2000 domains run Active Directory.  I assume you mean it's
> in "natie" mode, as opposed to "mixed" mode.
> > My question is, can Samba participate in a Win2000 domain as
> > a member server?  This is the deal, the 2 Win2000 servers
> Yes.

A question in this.  Does the Win2000 domain need to be in "mixed" mode in
order for the Samba server to be able to be a member server in the
domain?  Or can the Samba server be a member server in a "native" Win2000
domain?  I ask because our existing Win2000 domain is running in native
mode, and to convert means a reinstall (of course, it's a M$ product).

- Dan

- Dan Perik
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