performance problems !!

F.W.J.Wiegerinck f.w.j.wiegerinck at
Sat Apr 14 12:46:49 GMT 2001

At 13:18 14-4-2001 +0200, Frederic.Cambray wrote:
>I'm going to replace my NT (pII 450) server by a SAMBA linux (TBird 1Ghz) one.
>I run a comercial production managment software based on corel paradox.
>when I do a special treatment, witch processes all the articles, it starts 
>but after a minute it blocks 2sec and restart 1s until the end of the 
>treatment, like if
>a buffer was full. The global result is it takes 3 times more than with my 
>NT server !!
>The two systems have a 100Mbits/s NIS and are connected on the same 10/100 
>I tried samba 2.0.5a, 2.0.7 and  2.2.0_alpha2 and it doesn't change anything.
>I also tried different kernel, 2.2.14, 2.2.16 and now 2.2.19.
>My distibution is a slackware 7.0.
>I also tried to change the block size of my partition (1024, 2048 and 4096).
>My disks on the linux system are seagate SCSI 10000 rpm whit adaptec 
>21160N card.
>It takes about 1.30 mn to compile the 2.2.19 kernel.

What if you search the problem in another direction.  I had a similar 
problem on my server.
I use my server as a routing machine and the problem I had was when I 
transfered larg amount
of data at high speeds the speed tropped after 5sec to a low level. It 
starts with a speed of 5 -6Mb/s
and after the 5sec. it dropped to 400kb/s.  My solution was to upgrade my 
networkcarddrivers to an
newer version. I have a Compex Freedomline with tulip-drivers. Maybe 
upgrading your networkcard-
drivers to a newer version will help.

Frank Wiegerinck

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