Samba and a MS Acces Database

Harm van Dalen h.vandalen2 at
Fri Apr 13 18:19:34 GMT 2001


In our company we have a SuSE Linux 7.0 Professional Server. Our Win95 clients connect with this server via Samba. On this server is a MS Access database installed (just a .MDB file). The forms, queries, etc. are installed local on the clients. We've got a problem with it and it looks like it is a caching problem.
When a person changes something in the database and another person looks in the same record in the database about a half hour later the record isn't changed yet. The time between changing by the person and writing by the server varies. Sometimes it's about 1 minute but yesterday we clocked more than 2 hours. Standard caching time by Linux is 30 seconds (this is what I read on The Internet on the SuSE-site).
My question: Is it a 'problem' by Linux or can I configure something in my SMB.CONF ?

Thanks for your time.

Harm van Dalen
Boekel, The Netherlands

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