samba file time stamping

iddwb David.Bear at
Fri Apr 13 17:43:12 GMT 2001

I've posted this before and didn't receive a reply.  I was wondering if
this has been addressed in the new and about to be released v2.2?

This morning when I was doing file maintenance to delete completed
projects from my C drive, I noticed that as I copied files to P, if the
file was already there it would give the file the current time--HOWEVER,
it was about an hour off from my computer's time (i.e., 6:46 instead of
7:46 when I was actually doing the copying). If I first deleted the file
from P and then copied it from my C, it would have the same date/time as
the file on my C drive. The following jobs on P are the ones I did this

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