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You know it's amazing to me how some people seem to think the people 'in the
know' can just figure what the heck they are trying to say with only a
couple of sentences.  You know, like 'my printer isn't working', that sort
of thing.  I hate to break this to you Tim, but, that just isn't enough
info.  Planning for what? Samba as the PDC? Just a memeber server? I mean
there's more to it that what you are telling us.  And allowing logins from
certain MAC addresses? Do you realize how much of a nightmare that will be
for you if someone in your IT staff replaces a bad NIC? Or the CEO decides
to buy a new PC Card for his laptop?  Why exactly would you need this
capability other than your need? If you tell us why you 'need' this maybe we
can figure out a better way that won't require as much work.

Don't just throw us a bone, we want the whole dog.

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  I am going to bring up a LINUX box that will be running SAMBA.  My network
will be running Win98/95 and NT machines both laptops and desktops.  I will
be running 2.0.7 behind a firewall. What I need from the list is a little
help, as I want to PLAN my installation so as to have as few issues as

  I would also like to know if there is a way to allow logins from only
certain MAC addresses.  I have an need for this type of limitation.

  Thanks in Advance.

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