W2K machine logon to a domain with Samba 2.2alpha3 PDC

Nicholas Golder purenrg at iastate.edu
Fri Apr 13 01:35:24 GMT 2001

I am using:
FreeBSD 4.2
Windows 2000 SP1

I can't logon with a created account that exists on the Samba PDC with

I have installed Samba and configured it the way the PDC-HOWTO describes:
I have successfully joined the domain with the Win2k box.

When I try to logon using an account that is in both the /etc/passwd and
smbpasswd, I get an error message that the user account doesn't exist in the
domain [or some derivative of that].  When I try to add the users on the
Win2k box using the
account manager, I can see them in the domain and the users I have created
in smbpasswd but
can't add them.  I get the message:
The user could not be added because the following error has occurred:
The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain
How am I to:
a) establish a trust relationship between my workstation and the primary
b) make a config on the Win2k box so it doesn't require a trust
Thanks in advance for you help,

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Nicholas Golder

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