How to allow a W2K machine join a domain with Samba 2.2alpha3 PDC

Patrick Goetz pgoetz at
Thu Apr 12 23:57:36 GMT 2001

Hello -

Please pardon what might be an often asked question, but I haven't found
an answer in either "Using Samba", the HOWTO's, man pages, or by browsing
through the last 3 months of this list.

I've set up Samba 2.2alpha3 on a Debian linux machine to be a PDC:

     workgroup = UTMATH
     wins support = yes
     security = user
     status = no
     encrypt passwords = yes
   # PDC Stuff below
     os level = 65
     local master = yes
     preferred master = yes
     domain master = yes
     domain logons = yes

However, I can't get my W2K test machine to join the UTMATH
domain.  Whenever I try, I'm prompted for the username and password of "an
account with permission to join the domain".  The only user I currently
have set up in smbpasswd is myself, and it appears I'm not worthy, as when
I enter my user name and password I'm informed that 

  "The account used is a computer account.  Use your global user account
or local user account to access this server"

The local administrator account doesn't work either, so question:

What kind of an account do I need to set up and where in order to add the
W2K machine to the UTMATH domain?

and while I'm at it...

Why do I need to add the machine name to the local /etc/passwd file?  If
anything, one would think that trust accounts would go in the smbpasswd
file; but from what I've seen on the list, the opposite is the
case; i.e. having the machine name in the smbpasswd file is a source of

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