Thanks to the Samba team (of course a few questions)

Rich Forman rforman at
Wed Apr 11 14:59:08 GMT 2001

First of all, thanks to the Samba team and all those who have done a
fantastic job in giving the world a superior option to M$!!!!!

I'm a newbian here so be a little patient.  I have set up a 2.2 PDC and am
able to get NT4 and W2k clients authenticating successfully.  I have a few
questions regarding some minor details

When a client logs off, the machine is still shown in network neighborhood
for quite a while (on the order of 30-40 min).  Is there a setting for
smb.conf to reduce this?

I have wins support enabled but would like to know where the database file
is located that resolves names to ip addresses.  Is it a plain text file or
do I need something special to view it.

Our corporate finance program uses an access database that all employees
need to access to enter time records.  I will be moving all of this over to
my new samba PDC soon.  I have been following the recent thread concerning
access but am still unsure if I need to do anything special to enable
multiple people to access this file simultaneously either in smb.conf or
anything else.  Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Richard Forman
Gray & Associates
rforman at

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