access for local machine NT user using security=domain

Augis ejs at
Wed Apr 11 08:29:04 GMT 2001

Rick Day wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am using Samba 2.0.6 on SCO OS 5.0.5, using security=DOMAIN.  On one of
> the WinNT member servers, I  need to run some processes as administrator.
> Because I do not want to have the standard user for this system having
> network administrator privileges, I have set up the user on the local
> machine with administrator privileges,  ie the standard login on this server
> is user 'rs1user' on to domain 'ccsydrs1' (the machine name).   With this
> login, I can access shares on other WinNT servers, but not on any of the
> unix/samba servers.  The same username is set up on the network, as a normal
> user, and connects to the shares fine, I just can not run the processes.

Hope this will help:
  add normal user 'rs1user' to the domain and add this domain user to 
the local 'Administrators' group. Thus you should be able authenticate 
in the domain.

> It is obvious from the log messages, below, why the samba connection is
> working the way it is.  My question is, does anyone know how to make samba
> work like WinNT, so that I can access the samba shares whilst logged on
> locally, rather than to the domain. 


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