NT 4.0/ Samba (PDC/BDC passwords)

McEldowney, Michael MMcEldowney at deltaregional.com
Tue Apr 10 20:01:45 GMT 2001

Yes there is.  I'll send you offlist the pwdump binary and the
smbpasswd-2-unixpasswd script I wrote just for this purpose.  I'd post
to the list but it's larger than the list limit.  

Eventually I'll get a HOWTO together for this, but it may be too late
now that 2.2 is on the way...


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> Subject: NT 4.0/ Samba (PDC/BDC passwords)
> Currently i have 2 servers, a NT 4.0 PDC and a Samba 2.0.7 BDC.
> I am trying to make the Samba BDC a PDC and get rid of the NT 
> 4.0 PDC all
> together.  I almost have everything converted over, profiles, logon
> scripts, maps, files, setup smb.conf properly, etc., but i don't know
> how to move the passwords over.  Currently i just have samba relay the
> logon request to the NT server.  Is there anyway of importing 
> the users
> and passwords directly into the smbpasswd file without having 
> to add all
> 200 users individually.  

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