goldmine - anyone using it with 2.2a3?

Craig Kelley ink at
Tue Apr 10 19:52:25 GMT 2001

On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, kat wrote:

> Hi,
> Have a problem and the vendor is of course trying to blame
> linux/samba.  Goldmine, a contact management app, which installs the
> app on the workstation including all DLL's and simply mantains data
> files on the server, continues to corrupt the data files.  It is not
> to a point of being unusable, we simply have to stop all processing in
> Goldmine, rebuild all indices and continue -- takes about 40 minutes.
> The vendor has said they do not support Linux. Of course I explained
> this had nothing to do with it.  Later they came back and asked if
> Linux/samba did locking -- I said yes (I had level 2 locks turned on)
> They said to turn then off.  I did -- problem is worse.
> Bottom line, is anyone else running an app like this off a samba
> server where the app does the record locking but seems to lose it's
> mind now and then?  For what it is worth, the previous version we had
> (4.0 -- now we are at 5.5) did not have any of these problems... You
> would think the vendor would get a clue.

Goldmine is a horrible application.  It would regularly corrupt it's
database on our NT server (we were using version 4 at the time).  We
eventually replaced it with Micosoft Access, which is infinately more
stable [that's saying a lot, considering the instability in Access].

We refused to give the company more money; they may have fixed this "bug"
(ie, critical weakness that should never have shipped) -- but somehow I
doubt it.  We had to "rebuild the database" on a weekly, and even daily
basis; the office joke is that the reason they chose the name 'Goldmine'
was so that everyone would continue paying for useless upgrades.  We've
since ditched the NT Server, and now our Access appliction is served out
via Samba just fine.

Thinking the vendor of Goldmine will get a clue is a big stretch.  :)

This is just my 2 cents -- please don't sue my employer if anyone from
Goldmine reads this (I doubt they will), because these observations are my

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