NT 4.0 roaming profiles on 2.0.6

Rob lyle rob at consus.co.uk
Tue Apr 10 13:42:10 GMT 2001


I've got samba 2.0.6 running as PDC on RH 6.2 with the  2.2.14 kernel.  I've had romaing profiles configured and operational for some time, except for the fact they DON'T ROAM.  If I actually go to a different NT 4.0 workstation, and log in, while my previous login is still valid on the first workstation, then all hell breaks loose w.r.t. profiles.

I loose my entire desktop settings (background et. al.), and everything above the START->Programs menu line (i.e. I think that's stuff taken from the "default" profile yeah?)

Most of my desktop program icons are missing, as are all my M$ Explorere favourites, addressbook you name it.

This is a real pain.  Anyone seen this before or know what's going on?  Is this NTUSER.DAT and SID related?  I'm at my wits end with this and will consider pretty much anything to get this sorted or just accept that samba can't roam profiles for NT 4.0 (yet?).  If so, I'd sure appreciate someone shouting yeah or neah!




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