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James W. Beauchamp jbeauchamp7 at
Tue Apr 10 00:05:53 GMT 2001

Hi my name is Brandon Caudle and i'm a newbie to samba so bare with me

No problem - everyone had to start new sometime !

1) If you are running windows 98/ME and your samba server is setup ass a
domain can you make the windows 98/me run login scripts off the samba
server? if you can where do i place the login scripts?

I'll assume that's a typo :).  Yes, the login script is run from the
[Netlogon] share and gets its file name from the logon file = (can't
remember the exact syntax) setting in the main part of smb.conf.

2) i have a program (access database .mdb ) and i want to place it on a
samba share should i be worried or will it work just fine?

I have several that work this way fine.  Including all M$ applications that
clients run across the network.

3)I have ghost from symantec is there any way to create a boot disk to login
to the samba server and run ghost and ghost up an image?

Don't know anything about this one - someone else maybe can help.

4) my samba server is set up as the wins server and it has a netbios name
\\server.  I can only see the server is if i type \\server and its in the
same workgroup and it is set to be the browsemaster and everything except
there is no computer in the Network Neighborhood that says server or has the
server shares. any ideas?

Wow, slightly confusing - If samba is set to be the domain master browser,
with OS level =at least 64, and is set to perform domain logons = yes (this
is for Win9x 'domain' logins support) and workgroup=myworkgroup, then if
win9x clients are set to join the domain myworkgroup or are just members of
the workgroup 'myworkgroup' then samba server should show up in Network
Neightborhood.  Each win9x users must have a username and password in passwd
and smbpasswd for them to authenticate against Samba (unless you are using
some other method like a WinNT domain or LDAP or other....)
5)is it fine to install applications to a share or will it not work

See above answer...

6) how can i keep my win98/me users profiles on the server?

Set up the [Profiles] share as described in various docs - this can get
involved.  Let's get the routine things set up first then you can work on
Profiles - The archives are loaded with issues related to this.

Hope this helps and forgive me if I have misspoken my facts anywhere :)

brandon caudle

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