Using 2.0.7 vs. 2.2.0-alpha3

Dan Perik dan_perik-work at
Sun Apr 8 23:16:28 GMT 2001


I'm working on evaluating Linux/Samba for use in our organization, and I
need some input.  We have roughly 70 clients on our network, which are
either Win9x or WinNT/2000.  We are currently using Novell Netware 4.x
for our file server/print server/etc..  We now have 2 Win 2000 servers
dedicated to our soon-to-be implemented accounting system.  And we have
Linux hosting our e-mail and everything to do with it.  We're looking at
simplifying our system, which will most likely mean dropping the Novell
system.  So I'm evaluating using Linux/Samba vs. Win 2000 as our
file/print server.  Since we have WinNT/2000 clients, and I'm needing
domain logins, I believe I need to run 2.2.0.  But it's alpha.  If I
can't have domain logins for WinNT/2000 clients, we may have to decide
to go Win2000 as our file server (much to my dismay).  So my question is
how alpha is 2.2.0-alpha3?  Is it stable enough to trust our file
serving to for all our operations?  I mainly need the domain logins for
logon scripts and possibly roaming profiles under WinNT/2000.  I also
need the ease of creating machine accounts automatically (which I just
got working yesterday).  Basically, in order to prove to the other guys
that I'm working with that we should go Linux/Samba instead of Win2000,
I have to prove that it's stable, easy to administer, and works well.
What can you tell me?

- Dan Perik

- Dan Perik
Computer Services Department
Lapilo Center
New Tribes Mission - PNG

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