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Tym Rehm trehm at
Wed Apr 4 20:53:09 GMT 2001

I got it working. Edit /etc/fstab and put the smbmounts in the file. ex.
//ServerA/ShareA    /mountpnt    smbfs    options    1 2
This should do it. 
One note, umount and remove from /etc/fstab if you want to remove the smbmount. If not, on reboot it will hang.
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  If you get an answer, please pass it on to me.  I am mounting the shares manually.  Would like to have them mounted automatically when the machine initializes.


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    I know this maybe off topic: I'm trying to set a smbmount to mount on boot-up of a RH6.2 machine. Do you enter it in /etc/fstab? If so, I must have the syntax wrong. Thanks.

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