Runaway SMBD processes

Eric Pilger pilger at
Wed Apr 4 19:44:42 GMT 2001

I think this was covered earlier, but I missed it because I was beating
my head against Win2K PDC support.Now I have that working, this problem
is becoming a real pain.

At least once a day, smbd will go crazy for one or more users.It will
create a new instance every minutes or so to serve the exact same share,
while not killing the old instances. Everything will lock up for the
user and I will have to shut down their machine, and restart smbd to
clear things up.

This seems to be related primarily to running netscape with its profile
on a remote share. Netscape keeps one or more files constantly open,
locked, and various other things. In the past, this was only a problem
when I rebooted the SAMBA server. However, I have a suspicion it is now
somehow timimg out while in use. Smbd then starts another instance to
server the request, leaving the old instance open.Things get all
confused, the Windows Explorer hangs waiting for some request that will
never be serviced, my users are wailing.

Is there some switch I need to start tuning?

Eric J. Pilger

Systems Administrator

Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology/SOEST

pilger at


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