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If you want to concentrate on helping him:

> Now what I really want  (what I really really want)
> is to be able to login to the linux box from the 98 machine

2.0.x (including 2.0.7) will support 95 and 98 logins (which are *not* the
same as being a PDC):

man smb.conf:

       domain logons (G)

              If set to true, the Samba server will serve Windows
              95/98 Domain logons for the workgroup it is in. For
              more  details  on  setting  up this feature see the
              file DOMAINS.txt in the Samba documentation  direc­
              tory docs/ shipped with the source code.

              Note  that  Win95/98 Domain logons are NOT the same
              as Windows  NT  Domain  logons.  NT  Domain  logons
              require  a  Primary Domain Controller (PDC) for the
              Domain. It is intended that  in  a  future  release
              Samba  will  be  able to provide this functionality
              for Windows NT clients also.

              Default:      domain logons = no

The aforementioned DOMAIN.txt says:

  Issues related to the single-logon network model are discussed in this
  document.  Samba supports domain logons, network logon scripts, and user
  profiles for MS Windows for workgroups and MS Windows 9X clients.

The rest of that file (which will either be in one of your RPMs or you can
get from Sambas source - failing that, I'll happily email you :o) should
describe the process for 95 and 98 machines. Now, things that don't work

o) User lists (for setting share permissions) - this works in the 2.2
(currently alpha) source code

o) NT logins (they sort-of work on the 2.0.x series - as many people have
said at *great* length, it depends on what you're trying to do. the 2.2
series have a much more robust implementation, including Win2K. *But* I
don't think you need NT logins, since you're running 98, right? ;o)

o) There were some issues with user profiles or home drives at different
levels of sharing causing problems becuase Win9x doesn't provide certain
pieces of information at certain times - I don't think you'll have a problem
if you avoid roaming profiles (which is ok in a single-client environment)

So to cut a long argument^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hstory short, set this:

domain logons = yes
logon script = %U.bat

path = /path/to/logon/script/directory
writeable = no
guest ok = no

Put any batch files named "username.bat" into that share, which will then be
a users logon script when they logon - or don't, if you don't want a logon
script. If you want roaming profiles, set this in the global section:

logon path = \\server\profilshare\%U

Create the profileshare

path = /path/to/profiles
writeable = yes
guest ok = no
browseable = yes

Finally, go: Control Panel -> Network -> Client for Microsoft Networks ->
Preferences, tick the "Log on to NT domain" box (it isn't an NT domain, but
that doesn't matter), make sure that Primary Logon is the "Client for
Microsoft Networks", hit ok, restart the computer when asked, and you should
be in business. The "logon home" parameter can be set in the global section
to make home drive map automatically on login, IIRC - see the manpage, I
can't recall the exact syntax offhand, and don't have a win9x machine to

Hope this helps!


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So now that that's established, let's concentrate more on helping him than
flaming each other. 

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