Caution Stoopid Newbie

McEldowney, Michael MMcEldowney at
Wed Apr 4 14:51:47 GMT 2001

I'm using 2.0.7, so this may not pertain to your 2.0.6.  That said...

The way to do this is:

in smb.conf set these options - 

workgroup = {whatever you want to name your domain}
domain logons = yes
encrypt passwords = yes
domain master = yes
preferred master = yes
wins support = yes

restart smbd and nmbd to make the changes take affect, and you should be
able to set up the Win98 boxes to logon to the domain you named in the
"workgroup=" line.

Let me know if you have any trouble.  I would suggest moving up to
version 2.0.7.  You can get it in an RPM which doesn't need compiling
and makes it super easy to install.


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> Subject: Caution Stoopid Newbie
> Please could somebody clear up some confusion I have - I freely
> admit that I am a clueless newbie in both samba and linux so 
> be warned....
> I am runing Mandrake 7.1 (if that makes a difference) and have
> managed to get samba running quite well ( verion 2.0.6) ie I
> can see shares copy files from my win98 machine and so on.
> Works perfectly. Now what I really want  (what I really really want)
> is to be able to login to the linux box from the 98 machine. So
> far I have waded thru the text docs that come with samba, I've
> read a couple of how-to's  and bought a book ( think
> is the samba black book but can't be sure of the exact title
> cos I've left it at home). Finally I've found this mailing list !
> So far the documentation seems fairly confusing (to a newbie)
> as I understand it later versions[1] of samba support NT PDC
> type things however it suggests that the version I have will allow
> 98 logons - can somebody point me in the direction of a definitive
> answer of what 2.0.6 will support ie I think it supports logons from
> 98 machines but doesn't do full PDC - is this correct ? If so then
> I guess there must be some differences between the two - what
> are they ?
> Hope somebody can help, thanks 
> [1] I don't think I am up to downloading and recompling a newer
> version of samba *just* yet - give me time though

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