samba-2.2.0-alpha3 spec for RedHat 7.0

David Bannon dbannon at
Wed Apr 4 12:33:31 GMT 2001

At 12:34 PM 4/3/01 +0200, Augis wrote:
>Hi all,
>is anyone here interested in .spec file for building RPM?
>I've fixed some rather serious bugs, which prevented RPM from being 
>built and also added xinetd support, which is standart on RH 7.0

At the risk of offending some hard working people, do we really want to
encourage rms releases of samba 2.2.alpha stuff ? A good deal of the
problems that we see on this list is due to people trying to get a cvs
version going over top of a previously installed rms version. The main
problem being that rms makers like to put config files in /etc/, logs in
/var/log and so on and the non rms keeps all the samba files (by default)
in one nice tidy tree.  

And I sure don't like the idea of starting samba from xinetd....

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