Caution Stoopid Newbie

eirvine eirvine at
Wed Apr 4 12:10:48 GMT 2001

Hi Jet Set,

Jet Set Willy wrote:
> Please could somebody clear up some confusion I have - I freely
> admit that I am a clueless newbie in both samba and linux so be warned....
> I am runing Mandrake 7.1 (if that makes a difference) and have
> managed to get samba running quite well ( verion 2.0.6) ie I
> can see shares copy files from my win98 machine and so on.
You can't be that clueless then.
> Works perfectly. Now what I really want  (what I really really want)
> is to be able to login to the linux box from the 98 machine. So
> far I have waded thru the text docs that come with samba, I've
> read a couple of how-to's  and bought a book ( think
> is the samba black book but can't be sure of the exact title
> cos I've left it at home). Finally I've found this mailing list !
Good. :) 
> So far the documentation seems fairly confusing (to a newbie)
> as I understand it later versions[1] of samba support NT PDC
> type things however it suggests that the version I have will allow
> 98 logons - can somebody point me in the direction of a definitive
> answer of what 2.0.6 will support ie I think it supports logons from
> 98 machines but doesn't do full PDC - is this correct ? If so then
> I guess there must be some differences between the two - what
> are they ?
The full PDC thing for WindowsNT/W2k is a ways off. But 2.07 seems to
do what I want it to do with NT4 clients. 
I think you want to take a look at

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