MYDOMAIN\Domain Users on W2k Terminal Server

Goerke, Torsten goerke at
Tue Apr 3 15:13:01 GMT 2001

Dear all,
I set up samba-2.2.0-alpha3 to act as PDC for a W2k *Terminal Server*.
Joining the Domain worked fine. Users can now authenticate with their
password in smbpasswd. 

The Citrix Metaframe Software allows to create so called 'Published
Applications'. I want to offer my Applications to the whole group
MYDOMAIN\Domain Users (MYDOMAIN is handled by Samba). But i get the
following message:

Failed to create 'MYDOMAIN\Domain Users' account security descriptor for
the 'MYTEST' application configuration (Error 1332). The update has been
canceled ...

In general terms i want to give a whole group (@users) access to
programs or files on the Terminal server.

I assume this behaviour is related to what is written already in the
  These things are note expected to work in the forseeable future
     * Offer a list of domain users to User Manager for Domains (or the
       Security Tab etc).

Is there by chance a workaround for the problem? I tried to play around
with the username map option and a username map file like this:
"Domain Users"	@users

but this does not work. Many thanks if somebody can help.
Torsten Goerke
	Max-Planck-Institut fuer	Max-Planck-Institute for the 
	Physik komplexer Systeme	Physics of Complex Systems
			Noethnitzer Str. 38 - 01187 Dresden			
				tel: +49-(0)351-871-2112
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