Samba and Multiple Shares

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Tue Apr 3 11:38:47 GMT 2001

>I am in the process of turning our internal network into a Linux driven
>network, rather than a Win NT network for security and reliability reasons.
>At the moment on the NT box we have all of our users and groups, we also
>have the file storage (home dirs, client space, sales space, marketing
>space, graphics space etc etc)
>Each area has its own share: eg
>Human Resources
>Each of the shares has a group (eg Sales Group, Marketing Group - all NT
>So when I add a user (eg fred, and he is in Sales, I add him to the Sales
>Group, and possibly the Marketing Group, but he doesn't get access to
>Clients, Graphics and Human Resources Drives)
>How is the easiest way to do this under Samba2.2.0Alpha2 ??

Works the same under all the sambas.  Set the directory for the share to have the permissions for that group only (that protects it on the unix side),  then use a {valid users = @groupname} in the share definition so only people of that group can connect.  I set {logon script = %G.bat} so that people of the same group get the same logon script, and it connects them automatically to that groups shares.  If you use {force group = groupname} in the share definition people outside that group (whom you specify in addition to @groupname in valid users) will look like they belong to that group when they connect to that share,  this is very nice if you have people who roam (temp workers) or who perform tasks in two departments.  Overall, Samba Rules!  Just so flexible,  simply an amazing package,  keep up the great work guys.

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