Newbie question... Samba+NT PDC Howto ??

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Wed Sep 20 03:32:55 GMT 2000

1. There are two option you need, both in the [global] section of smb.conf

  security = domain
  password server = <name of primary domain controler>

2. Make sure you have a machine account for the samba server in the domain

3. Before you restart samba after entering the changes run :

smbpasswd -j <NT domain name>

4. This will setup the machine account so it is ready to be used. DON'T run
this command multiple times as it prevents samba from participating in the
domain if it is run multiple times. If you do you need to remove the machine
account from the domain server the go back to step 2.

5. Restart samba

hope this helps

Cheers Dave

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> Hi David, Hi all...
>    Whoa... I'm currently in several lists... but only in this list I've
> really quick replies to my questions!!! Really thanks!!!!!
> > Sorry, still not clear. Do you want the samba 207 server to
> > manage the NT
> > domain or do you want it to be a member of a NTdomain that is
> > managed by another server, probably a 'real' NTServer ?
>    I'm really sorry... I'll buy some english books to improve this
> language... sorry!
> > In the second case, you can tell your samba server to look to the
> > NTserver to authenticate users etc.
>    YES... the second case... How may I do it???
>    There's some example smb.conf ???
>    I've saw in this list history a  "domain user map" config. What's it
> for ???
>    Thanks again to you all!!!!!
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