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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Fri Sep 29 14:23:58 GMT 2000

Richard Sharpe conversed:
> At 10:22 AM 9/29/00 +1100, Tim Potter wrote:
> >I've made some progress with some hand-written IDLs.  Apart from
> >being bogged down with other stuff, I'm currently lacking a
> >proper IDL parsing system.
> >
> >I did get as far as automatically generating ethereal code to
> >parse LSA open policy, close policy and query info policy RPC
> >packets.
> Actually, I am sort of working on something to automatically generate
> dissectors as well, and want to look at what Tim has done, but I am working
> on an XML-based system.

Microsoft uses MS IDL (MIDL) in their development work.  The long-term
hope is that either legal action or general good-will will cause them to
release the IDL files, thus providing everyone with interface

That in mind, it would be waycool to be able to hand Ethereal an IDL file 
or set of IDL files for parsing purposes.

BTW, JF has handed me some traces of WINS replication (PORT TCP/42).  The
version of NetMon I'm using doesn't parse these.  If there's a newer one
that does I'd like to know about it.  Ethereal doesn't parse them either 
but with luck and some effort...

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