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You people really are laughable:

b. The Specification is confidential information and a trade secret of
Microsoft. Therefore, you may not disclose the Specification to anyone else
(except as specifically allowed below)

License agreement displayed when you click on the EXE. Samba is an OPEN
SOURCE program. By definition, making use of those specs would require us to
disclose them.

For the record, I clicked on the "No, I do not accept this attack on my
rights as an individual" button... I particularly like the bit on the linked

"IETF specification - (page 46 spells out the optional auth-data field)"

...kind of a "Yah, boo, sucks to you, the spec allows us to not document it,
so there!". Silly little children....


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This is a myth. See
(including the PAC specs)

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What are the plans with regard to this? Are there any? The mess MS made
of Kerberos caused a lot of discussion a while ago, but I've heard
little since. Is anyone working from the MS document on the grounds that
their position that it is a trade secret is legally untenable, or is
anyone trying to clean room reverse engineer the protocol? Or is it just
too soon for anything to happen in this arena yet?


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