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Not quite. Now the RPC call is there. The infrastructure (*how* to add the
users - that's system specific, policy about *who* can add users, and so on)
will need to be put in place...


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Jean Francois Micouleau wrote:
> On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, Mike Brodbelt wrote:
> > > Server Manager?  User Manager?  Both of these qill require
> > > possible editing of /etc/passwd (let's please not bring up
> > > the machine accounts in /etc/passwd again ok?  At least
> > > not for right now).
> >
> > Technical considerations aside for a moment, these are two tools I do
> > regard as important for Samba to support. I'm sure many installations of
> > Samba come into contact with people who don't know Unix that well, if at
> > all. If it's possible to turn round and say "you can use NT admin
> > tools", then a big anti-Samba argument goes away from the ease of use
> > angle.
> Yesterday evening I added the rpc call: create_user to the HEAD branch..
> Once I'm done with set_user_info and set_user_info2, we should be able to
> add/nodify accounts from the user manager.
What do you mean by add?
Do you mean that samba will be able to add users in etc/passwd?
And how is it performed?
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