smbpasswd and other questions to samba-tng!

Christian.Hartmann-Herrmann at Christian.Hartmann-Herrmann at
Fri Sep 29 09:10:39 GMT 2000

Hello specialists!

May i configure an useraccount on the Samba-PDC to see and use this account
on the Windows-NT-Server machine.
I ´ll configure all accounts over a Windows-NT Server machine without i may
configure this on the Samba-PDC.
What things may we to do on the Windows-NT Server and on the Samba-PDC.
Is this possible, to do this?
We ´ll create users and groups on a Windows-NT Server without first
creating this users and groups on the Samba-PDC.
We ´ll create this with the user-manager of Windows-NT-Server. How can we
make this?
Now i have a Samba-PDC called MYSAMBAPDC and a Windows-NT-Server called
Is it a condition to create the users and groups on the Samba-PDC?
Or can i do this with a special configuration with the Windows-NT Server
over the Samba-PDC?
I hope you can do a little bit help for us!


Christian Hartmann-Herrmann

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