smbpasswd -> /etc/passwd

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Sep 29 03:46:04 GMT 2000

"Aaron D. Brooks" wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Sep 2000, Brian Wilson wrote:
> > Is there any way (a script, black magic, etc) to convert smbpasswd
> > passwords to either shadowed or md5'd passwords?  I know there's a
> > "unix sync password" option, but this doesn't work for me in the
> [CUT]
> The ubiquitous "someone" should put this sort 
> of question (and answer) in a FAQ or several FAQs on 
> the site and mirrors. It seems to get
> asked a lot. I'd volunteer but I don't know who manages 
> the FAQs. I think it would be appropriate to mention it 
> at least in the SaMBa FAQ and the SaMBa NT Domain FAQ.

This will be added when we rework the current documentation
which will be on the forthcoming todo list.  

Cheers, jerry
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